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What is Spamzilla? 

Spamzilla is an excellent software to filter expired domain names with a lot of indicators for everyone to refer to, suitable for those who want to find PBN with a low budget but still can find right domain.

The benefits of using these expired domain names for SEO

You may have to use expired domain names and use them to redirect 301 to your site.

The second is that you can create a page on your website on the expired domain name. You will then redirect the domain name to the new site through the new posts

The purpose of implementing these methods is to help your website get to the top of Google with speed quickly. Because expired domains get all the backlinks that expired domains have been built before

You can also use expired domain names to build a network of websites that link to your site. This is called a private blog network, and it comes with significant risks. If you can accept the risk, then you should use these expired domains to help create the best amount of backlinks to your website and help your website to improve high rankings on google.

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