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What is Moz?

Moz Group Buy is a scoring tool that evaluates the strength of your website based on metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA). In addition, M**z also shows your site’s Spam level to help you fix it before being penalized by Google

A benchmarking tool to measure a website’s strength based on metrics like Domain Authority (DA), Page Authority (PA). Besides, M**z also shows the spam level of your website to help you fix it before being penalized by Google. You can view these metrics by downloading the M**z toolbar –

What is DA – What is Pa?

Domain Authority (DA): Indicates the reputation and strength of a website given by Seom**z. (you can implicitly understand the state – the strength of the domain)

Page Authority (PA): is also an index that helps measure the authority of any page on the website (due to the strength of the article – pages) on a page can vary significantly!

To view the DA and PA of a website, you need to install the M**zbar addon for Firefox or Chrome by searching the SeoM**z toolbar.
It is determined based on three main factors: domain age, popularity, and site size. It is one of the ranking factors of search engines.
Spam Score: Rate whether your site is sending spam or not with a danger level from 1> 17, where:

1> 4: Your website is secure.
4> 8: Your website is being noticed by google (google)!
8> 17: Going to the island to see the stars has a high possibility.

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